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Summer Art Camp is So Close!

Time flies when you're having fun, the old saying goes. And I've been having a lot of fun preparing the art studio for summer camp this year. My talented husband, Jim, built a serene little art studio off the back of the drive that looks akin to what one may find in a fairy tale. It has a high ceiling, picturesque windows, and emits a cozy and inviting feel. I've been setting it up as a space for my students to create art and get lost in their own little worlds for awhile this summer.

My little art studio

I've also made changes in the larger art studio, my converted garage, to include whimsical chairs and lots of storage space for my art supply-purchasing addiction.

Isn't this chair cute?

With the start of summer camp just a few weeks away, I've been thinking more about relationships and my students, how art has helped them build their confidence. I keep the camps small on purpose because that one-on-one time with students can make a huge difference not only in their experience for summer art camp but also beyond the school break and into their lives at home.

Teaching kids art is never a waste of time.

To see the camps I'm offering this summer, go to this link.

With love and wonder,

Anne Meyer

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