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Peaceful Days Bring Wonder & Adventure

Although most of us are ready for autumn to arrive, I am holding on to these last few “hot” days of summer! We have spent our days here at Hummingbird Hill Art Studio walking through the garden, picking wildflowers, making bouquets, and then painting them on canvas. We have also gone fishing and used our sketchbooks to quickly remember the big bass’ shiny scale patterns before throwing it back into the pond. Sketching the bass using colored pencils turned out to be an incredible process.

A camper shows off his catch!

Life at HBHAS is joy “en plein air”- observing, sketching, painting, printing, creating clay pieces- we’ve been trying our best to soak it all in! Because our camps are small in size, the children have peaceful moments to reflect and share their ideas. They also can experience their own unique process in creating art. It is heartwarming to watch as they create their masterpieces. Some go off by themselves, getting lost in their work. Others visit and share, humming as they draw. I have enjoyed every minute with these talented children.

Campers watch the rain fall

I would like to continue to offer camps so that every child has the opportunity to explore, draw, gather, and paint while in an adventurous environment full of nature and art. If you would like to be a part of supporting the arts “en plein air”, make sure to sign up for our summer camps, women's retreats, workshops, or field trips! Thank you for supporting your local businesses.

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